We Endorse

We Endorse

"I have watched Johnny Olszewski grow up and into the leader he is today—I know that he embodies the vision, dedication and integrity needed to carry forward a legacy of progress for the entire Baltimore region. With his proven track record of results, unwavering commitment to our communities and deep love for Baltimore, I am so proud to endorse Johnny to be the next Congressman for Maryland’s 2nd District. There is no doubt in my mind he will build on all we have achieved together as the next member of Team Maryland."

Dutch Ruppersberger US Representative, MD-02

"I have worked closely with County Executive Johnny Olszewski for years. I am so proud to support Johnny O’s campaign for the House of Representatives, and I am confident he will continue to be a leader who will protect our democracy, support a woman’s right to choose, and ensure our government works for all of our communities."

Adrienne Jones State House Speaker

"I am proud to endorse Johnny Olszewski for the U.S. House of Representatives. Johnny's unwavering commitment to his community, combined with his pragmatic approach and dedication to public service, make him the right candidate to represent Maryland's 2nd District and a valuable addition to Team Maryland in Congress. I am confident that Johnny will fight tirelessly for economic opportunity, reproductive freedom, and a brighter future for all Marylanders."

Steny Hoyer US Representative, MD-05

"I am proud to call Johnny O a friend and a partner in serving the people of Maryland as part of a new generation of leadership. Johnny shares my values and priorities, including increasing equity, pursuing climate resiliency, and promoting transparency in government. His common sense approach, ability to listen, and dedication to results are exactly what Marylanders need in Washington."

Brooke Lierman State Comptroller

"Since day one, Johnny has been an invaluable partner in strengthening the entire Baltimore region. Maryland needs collaborative leaders like him fighting for all of us on Capitol Hill, which is why I’m proud to support him to be the next Congressman for Maryland’s 2nd District."

Bill Ferguson State Senate President

"Over the past decade, I've repeatedly observed County Executive Johnny O making tough decisions that have positively impacted education, environmental conservation, and the growth of middle-class employment in the Baltimore region. His unwavering commitment to these crucial issues is commendable, reflecting a steadfast character and the courage we aspire to witness in our elected representatives. I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse Johnny O for Congress. His consistent demonstration of integrity and bravery assures me that he will carry these qualities into the House of Representatives. I am confident that, as a Congressman, Johnny O will persist in delivering tangible results for the Baltimore region and tirelessly advocate for the well-being of working families throughout the entire state of Maryland."

Cory McCray State Senator, District 45

"Johnny has always been a true partner. As fellow county executives, we worked together to do big things during tough times. We need strong leaders like Johnny O to get Capitol Hill working again."

Steuart Pittman County Executive, Anne Arundel

"Even as a 23 year old freshman delegate, Johnny O was a gifted legislator. Now a father, husband, teacher, and county executive; he has the perfect experience and skill set to have an immediate and lasting impact in Congress. I enthusiastically support his candidacy."

Maggie McIntosh Former State Delegate, District 43

"Johnny O is an awesome leader who loves Baltimore and has done so much for working families. I consider Johnny O, a family friend. I have had the pleasure of working with the County Executive on leadership committees, within the Maryland Association of Counties and National Association of Counties for many years. I believe Johnny O will continue to work tirelessly to better our communities and be a fantastic representative in Congress. He has my wholehearted endorsement."

Sharon Green Middleton Baltimore City Councilmember, District 6

"Washington needs a pro-Labor pragmatist who has a proven track record of delivering real results for working families. Johnny O has the experience and ability to get stuff done in Congress. I am honored to endorse Johnny O for Congress."

Jeff Waldstreicher State Senator, District 18

"What Johnny has accomplished in Baltimore County is remarkable, and he has always been a strong advocate for the Baltimore region. His ability to make government more connected, accessible, responsive, and accountable is exactly what we need in Washington and that’s why I’m supporting Johnny O for Congress."

Bill Henry Comptroller, Baltimore City

"Johnny O has always led with Baltimore County residents and Baltimore City residents in mind. This kind of regional approach to his leadership has meant so much for Baltimore City. It is also critical that he has first hand experience as to what we need, and he will get it for us in Congress. He has my unwavering support."

Odette Ramos Baltimore City Councilmember, District 14

"I have had the pleasure of working with County Executive Johnny Olszewski for years, and he has always been a leader who focused on serving our communities and ensuring our residents feel safe. In Baltimore County, Johnny O and I have worked together to protect public safety and strengthen our county. I’m proud to support Johnny O’s campaign, because I’m confident he will continue working tirelessly to support our communities and protect public safety across our region."

Jay Fisher Sheriff, Baltimore County

"I am incredibly proud to endorse my friend, Johnny O, for the US House of Representatives. He is exactly what we need right now, more than ever, in Washington—a proven leader, a dedicated and experienced public servant, and someone who can be trusted to do the right thing. I know he will be an incredible advocate in DC for Maryland and for all Marylanders."

Nick Allen State Delegate, District 8

"As County Executive and as a former educator, Johnny O has always put students and educators first, as we work together to build a world class school system. I’m proud to support Johnny O’s campaign for Congress, and I’m confident he will continue to prioritize our students and educators in the House of Representatives. "

Christina Pumphrey Baltimore County School Board, District 6

"County Executive Johnny Olszewski ran on a vision of a Better Baltimore County, and he has fulfilled campaign promises and accomplished big things for Baltimore County. His bold vision, leadership, and willingness to listen and collaborate, including across the aisle, will be an asset to Maryland in a deeply divided Congress."

Sheila Ruth State Delegate, District 44B

"As former teachers, County Executive Johnny O and I enjoy sharing our passion for education and our understanding of the importance of investing in our future there. Together, we have worked to support and strengthen our schools and to keep our communities strong and safe for this generation and those to come. As our Congressman, I know Johnny O will continue to be a strong advocate for education and for all of our communities across the Baltimore County region."

Eric Ebersole State Delegate, District 44A

"Johnny is an energetic leader who is committed to public safety and good government. I’m excited to see the things he will get done in Washington. I am proud to endorse Johnny O for Congress."

Sam Cogen Sheriff, Baltimore City

"Congress needs more leaders with experience leading local government, who have a strong record of solving problems and strengthening our communities, and I know that County Executive Johnny O is one of those leaders. I proudly support his campaign for Congress, and look forward to working with him to strengthen our community here in Westminster, Carroll County, and across the Baltimore region."

Greg Pecoraro President, Westminster Council

"Johnny Olszewski represents a bold, new generation of Democratic leadership. As our Representative, I know that Johnny O will protect reproductive freedom, preserve our environment for future generations, and work to combat the gun violence epidemic. He has my strong endorsement to be our next member of the U.S. Congress."

Pam Beidle State Senator, District 18

"As County Executive, Johnny O has been a great partner in our work to build a world class school system in Baltimore County, and I know he will continue to support our students and educators in Congress. I’m proud to support Johnny O’s campaign for Congress."

Robin Harvey Baltimore County School Board, District 1

"I’m proud to support Johnny O’s campaign for Congress, because he has a proven track record of working to protect our environment, combat climate change, and promote renewable energy. I look forward to doing even more to promote a sustainable future with Johnny O in the House of Representatives."

Dana Stein State Delegate, District 11B

"We need more leaders in Congress who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get things done to strengthen our communities — and that’s exactly what Johnny O has done as our Baltimore County Executive. I’m supporting Johnny O for Congress because I know we’ll achieve even more with leaders like him working to actually get things done in the House of Representatives."

Pat Young Baltimore County Councilmember, District 1

"Like me, Johnny O is a former educator and a tireless advocate for education. Together, we have made education a top priority in Baltimore County, with new investments in schools in every community, expanded career and technical education, and higher teacher pay. As our Congressman, he will continue working to strengthen schools in every zip code."

Cheryl Pasteur State Delegate, District 11A

"As a Delegate in the Maryland State House, Johnny O was solid. As the 14th Baltimore County Executive, he is stellar. As a member of Congress for the 2nd Congressional District, he will be superb! When it comes to proven leadership and exceptional representation, we have got to go with Johnny O!"

Ben Brooks State Senator, District 10

"Government works best when we put people first first and engage with our communities. My friend County Executive Johnny Olszewski has made community engagement, quality of life, and education his top priorities. I’m proud to support him to be our next Congressman, because I know we can count on him to make our government more open and responsive to the communities we serve."

Carl Jackson State Delegate, District 8

"Johnny Olszewski has always made education a top priority, from his time as a teacher, as a state delegate, and now, to his time as County Executive. As a career educator, I’m proud of the work we have done together to strengthen our schools, and I am confident he will continue working to support our students and teachers in Congress. I’m proud to endorse Johnny O for the House of Representatives."

Jane Lichter Baltimore County School Board, District 2

"I enthusiastically endorse Johnny Olszewski for Maryland's 2nd Congressional District. As a former Baltimore County Executive myself, I've seen firsthand everything that Johnny O has done for our county, our communities, and our state. It's exactly the type of representation that we need in Washington."

Don Mohler Former Baltimore County Executive

"John Olszewski has earned my endorsement to serve in the United States Congress. We need experienced leaders who we can trust to stand up and fight for our values, and I know that Johnny O will be a tireless advocate for every constituent. Johnny O is a true public servant and a proud Marylander, and he'll work with leaders at every level to get the job done."

Guy Guzzone State Senator, District 13

"John Olszewski has my support and endorsement to be our next member of the U.S. Congress. With our fundamental rights under attack, we need leaders like Johnny O who will fight to protect reproductive freedom and defend our Democracy."

Elizabeth Embry State Delegate, District 43A

"I have known Johnny O for more than 20 years. I watched him grow as a young state legislator to an outstanding, ethical and forward-thinking county executive. As a fellow graduate of the public policy program at UMBC, I delight in his ability to put meaningful data-driven policy analysis in practice while still attending to the various needs of his constituencies. I believe that he listens to those of us who have something valuable to add. Most importantly, I trust that he is looking out for what is in the best interest of our communities."

Jon Cardin State Delegate, District 11B

Scott Phillips State Delegate, District 10

Michele Guyton State Delegate, District 42B

Kathy Klausmeier State Senator, District 8

Izzy Patoka Baltimore County Councilmember, District 2

Mona Becker Wesminster Mayor

Mike Ertel Baltimore County Councilmember, District 6

Mary Washington State Senator, District 43

Mark Conway Baltimore City Councilmember, District 4

Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer Baltimore City Councilmember, District 5

Todd Schuler Former Delegate, Baltimore County

Aletheia McCaskill State Delegate, District 44B

Cathi Forbes State Delegate, District 43B

Brandon Scott Baltimore Mayor

Calvin Ball Howard County Executive

Craig Zucker State Senator, District 14

Malcolm Augustine State Senator, District 47

Andrew Pruski State Delegate, District 33A

Brian Feldman State Senator, District 15

Kriselda Valderrama State Delegate, District 26

Cheryl Kagan State Senator, District 17

Dawn Gile State Senator, District 33

Mark Edelson State Delegate, District 46

Rochelle "Rikki" Spector Former Baltimore City Councilmember

Mary-Dulany James State Senator, District 34

Charles Sydnor State Senator, District 44

Katie Fry Hester State Senator, District 9

Shelly Hettleman State Senator, District 11

Ariana Kelly State Senator, District 16

Antonio Hayes State Senator, District 40

Stephanie Smith State Delegate, District 45

Anne Kaiser State Delegate, District 14

Ryan Spiegel State Delegate, District 17

Bonnie Cullison State Delegate, District 19

Ben Barnes State Delegate, District 21

Dalya Attar State Delegate, District 41

Samuel "Sandy" Rosenberg State Delegate, District 41

Caylin Young State Delegate, District 45

Jackie Addison State Delegate, District 45

Robbyn Lewis State Delegate. District 46

Luke Clippinger State Delegate. District 46

Ivan Bates Baltimore City State's Attorney

Eric Costello Baltimore City Councilmember

Antonio Glover Baltimore City Councilmember

John Bullock Baltimore City Councilmember

Jack Young Former Baltimore City Mayor