Johnny’s Priorities

Defending Democracy

As a former public school civics teacher, Johnny knows how important and fragile our democracy truly is. Whether standing up to insurrectionists at the Capitol or to extremists taking away voting rights, Johnny will always fight back against those trying to undermine our democracy. 

Preserving the Environment

From combating climate change to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay, protecting our environment is one of the most important issues that we face. Congress must act with urgency to address the climate crisis and invest in the green energy economy of the future. 

Johnny will advocate for bold, science-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions, invest in renewable energy sources, and safeguard our natural landscapes. Together, we can build a sustainable future where clean air, clean water, and thriving ecosystems are accessible to all.

Reproductive Freedom

Johnny understands that abortion access is health care, and he will always fight to ensure that women can make their own reproductive health decisions. Legislators should never stand between women and their healthcare, and Johnny will oppose any efforts from those seeking to ban access to abortion, birth control, or to prevent women from having the right to choose.

Transparency and Accountability

As Baltimore County Executive, Johnny O has followed through on promises of reform, bringing government closer to the people it serves. Congress is broken, and it too often lets self-interest and special interests get in the way of progress. We need leaders like Johnny who will enact meaningful lobbying reforms and restore trust in our public institutions.

Common Sense Gun Safety

Common sense gun safety measures are critical to protecting our communities and preventing senseless tragedies. Advocating for universal background checks, closing loopholes in the current system, and implementing red flag laws are essential steps in addressing the epidemic of gun violence. As your representative in Congress, Johnny will work tirelessly to enact common sense gun safety legislation, ensuring that every American can live without fear of gun violence in their neighborhoods and schools.

Strengthening the Middle Class

Johnny understands that a thriving middle class is the backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of our democracy. As your representative in Congress, Johnny will fight to ensure that hardworking families have access to good-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, and quality education. By advocating for fair wages, expanding access to vocational training, and protecting workers’ rights, Johnny will work tirelessly to empower the middle class and build an economy that works for everyone.

Technology and Innovation

Embracing emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency presents exciting opportunities for economic growth and financial inclusion. Johnny believes in harnessing the potential of these technologies while ensuring robust regulatory frameworks to protect consumers and safeguard against illicit activities. 

Congress must act to update the status quo—securities legislation from 1933 is not capable of governing 21st century technologies. By fostering innovation responsibly, we can unleash the full potential of the digital economy and pave the way for a more prosperous and equitable future for all.